Go on a Google+ Binge

Google+ IconCome along with me on a Google+ binge!  Starting last week, I opted to make G+ my primary social network.  This network is superior to its competitors in so many ways, but suffers from one big drawback…. none of my friends are on it.  Because of that reason, I’ve been reluctant to dive in headfirst.  Now that I’ve embraced it completely, I can’t get enough.

As part of my G+ binge I will be posting a series of G+ related blogs over the next week or two addressing:

  • Google+ strategies for different businesses and industries
  • Why G+ isn’t a powerhouse… yet
  • The G+ Wishlist!  Which features are we dying for Google to roll out
  • The best of G+: Which accounts should be in your Circles

Here’s how you can binge it up on Google+ with me:

Fill your calendar with G+ Events:  Scroll through the endless list of public events on G+ and find one that floats your boat.  Whether it’s watching the Full Moon at the Golden Gate Bridge  or joining the NASA Mars Rover Landing Party  you’ll there really is something for everyone.  You’ll get an opportunity to share photos and comments with others who are either physically at the event or just following online – all in real time.  Some of the most amazing 2012 Olympics photos I’ve seen were posted to the Opening Ceremonies Event Page Worldwide Watch Party.

Opening Ceremony G+ Event

2012 London Olympics

Achieve Super User Status: Google Local is alive and well and teaming with Zagat to review and score local businesses.  As a Super User, your reviews will be marked as a such and carry more weight, meaning you get to influence the search rankings in your area.

Start by reviewing a lot of Google Local listings.  I’ve read that 50 is the number to meet, but I’m not entirely sure.  It’s also important that other people Like your reviews so make sure you include some really useful tips.  The more you review, the more likely it is that you’ll get some Likes.

G+ TIP: If you find any inaccuracies or missing information in a listing, click on the button to review the listing, then click “Edit Business Details” in the bottom right hand corner of the pop up.  That will allow you to suggest alterations to Google. 

Editing G+ Local

Google Plus Local

Embrace the Circle: The best part about Circles is your ability to filter your stream by different topics and groups of people.  When I want to see what’s going on with the people closest to me, I click on “Friends and Family.”  When I want the latest and greatest in Social Media, I’ve got a separate circle for that.  If I just want to be surprised, I click on my “Daily Dose of Interesting” Circle.

The point is that no matter what I’m interested in or if I want to interact with close friends or virtual strangers that share my interests, I can easily bounce from one group to the next.

G+ Tip: Check out the sliding bar at the top of a filtered stream.  This lets you control how much content from that particular Circle appears in your Home stream.

G+ Slider

Spread the Word: Let’s face it.  The only reason not to be on G+ is that a good chunk of your friends haven’t migrated over.  Convince one other person to go on a G+ binge with you.  In the meantime, circle me and that will be at least one more friendly face for you to connect with.

What are you waiting for?  Get your binge off to the right start by letting me know what your thoughts are about Google+.  I want to know what you like, but also what’s driving you nuts.

Happy Binging!

This blog is part of a week long Google+ series.  To read more about G+, choose any of the blogs below:

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